How to Product Photography Camera Settings

Camera sensor size is the most important factor in determining overall camera performance, image quality, color, detail, & noise level. Below, you’ll learn: Why camera sensor size really matters.

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How To Set ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed for DIY Product Photography ISO. ISO is the sensitivity of your camera sensor to light. Aperture. Aperture functions like the pupil of an eye: it controls the amount. Shutter Speed. The shutter speed setting (also known as "exposure time") determines.

Product Photography Lighting and Best Practices.. in addition to making changes to camera settings, such as aperture, to control the exposure.. Gear Recommendations for product photography. proper camera gear can make or break a shoot in studio photography.

If you sell jewelry or a product with fine details, using a macro setting on your camera can help you capture the little details. A macro setting offers a zoom on the details so that customers can see what the product looks like.

Let’s go over each of these in detail in this installment of our product photography tips. aperture. We’ll start off these product photography tips with the aperture, which is the hole within a lens that determines the amount of light that travels into the camera. The size of the opening is measured in f-stops.

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In digital photography, the ISO setting on your camera controls the light sensitivity of your camera’s image sensor. Typically, photographers use ISO settings between 100-1600, though on newer, higher-quality digital cameras, settings go as low as ISO 50 and as high as the 200,000s.

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It doesn’t require a studio or expensive off-camera lighting, and certainly not calling in a professional photographer to do it for you. With a little thought put into your photography and post-processing, you can make your own great product photographs with things you already have.