How to Use a Softbox for Product Photography

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Softbox for Product Photography? Discussion in ‘Beginner Questions’ started by cohencapture, Dec 11, 2009.. peter thomas roth cosmetics and such, but i dont have a softbox nor the time to make one. any soloutions, place to find a good one, or photoshop soloution?.

Learn how to light your product for stunning product photography. Follow our DIY guide to shopping for and setting up photography lighting equipment.. Pixelz Blog. Get insight into product photography, post-production, and eCommerce product image best practices.. Speedlights are external.

Should you use a softbox, or an umbrella?. Andy Lim ( runs a profitable photography business that spans wedding photography, 5 responses to "Softbox vs Umbrella for Portrait Lighting" Mark Zelazoski says: Monday, March 21st, 2011 at 11:13 am.

What kind of light modifier should you use? Umbrellas are great to start with for photographers who are new to using artificial lighting, but softboxes give you more directionality and control. portrait lighting has four major characteristics: color, direction, quantity, and quality.

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A couple of weeks ago, I released a fairly simple and straight forward tutorial on how to use. photography using a parabolic umbrella. Many of you wondered what those images would look like if I.

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For two solid weeks in 2012, Taka Kawachi, a product specialist who works out of a studio in. Taka Kawachi housed two Profoto strobe heads in homemade softboxes (A) to side- and backlight his.

Re: Umbrella vs. Softbox for product shots In reply to LaMaison Oct 30, 2005 For small product i’d definetly use a softbox for your small product, also consider that the smaller the product the more you’ll need to move in on it, thus a greater depth of field is required to maintain front ot back sharpness of your product.