What is Trending in Graphic Design

Graphic design trends are typically a mixture of classic favorites and fashion inspired choices, along with a reflection of societal values and concerns. 2017 is definitely poised to continue this trend, and there are some interesting variations between industries and target markets.

When it comes to design, whether it’s print or digital graphic design, trends often rule the day and dictate the market. If you’re not following or, even better, setting the trends, then you may.

Geometric design is an interesting graphic design trend which has been there for quite some time but will gain its full momentum by the end of 2018. Geometry designs can be used in websites and any type of graphic designs to visually convey a pattern or sequence of events.

Seems it would be fairly narrow minded to make it a point to use trends as a guide for layout, design or appearance. Technology though is a different story, especially as.

Top T shirt Trend for 2019 10 Graphic Design Trends for 2018 By Laura Busche Laura Busche on Aug 31, 2018 in Design Trends Tweet This Share This As design professionals, it’s important to dedicate some time every year to sit down and analyze the trends that are starting to impact our industry.

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The design trends of 2019 do exactly that: asymmetry, jarring colors, and exaggerated proportions combine to create an aesthetic that celebrates glitches, ambiguity, and excess. As digital citizens, we’re in for a year of design that embraces rule-breaking as the new normal.

Each trend has the potential to captivate consumers. So, it is no surprise that logo and graphic design are following that path as well. Nostalgic aesthetics from the ’80s and ’90s incorporated.

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Graphic Designers that stay up to date with graphic design trends have an advantage over designers that stick to what they learned in college or design school. By knowing what is trending in the design industry, you can offer clients innovative ideas for their needs instead of relying on the basics.

The graphic design world has had its sights firmly fixed on the past over the previous decade, with vintage and retro design being one of the most defining trends of the the 2010s.